Custom-Engineered Systems

A custom-engineered system from FPS is the perfect solution for your company’s food processing needs.

Our engineers have solved the most difficult processing and packaging design dilemmas in all segments of the food industry. We partner with meat, poultry, dairy, snack food, and cereal customers to create custom integrated systems for their products.

Made in the USA

From purchasing to fabrication to testing, Food Process Systems handles all aspects of custom engineering within the walls of our modern facility in Lodi, Wisconsin. That means there’s only one phone number to call, both before and after installation, when project-related questions arise. We negotiate vendor discounts to drive down customer costs and strive to beat delivery deadlines to add flexibility to our customers’ project schedules. FPS uses CADD 2-D and 3-D design and employs sanitary stainless steel construction and easy-to-clean designs that can be hand disassembled.

Contact us to discuss how a custom-engineered system from FPS can save you time and money.