Multi-Shaker Systems

Multi-Shaker Systems from Food Process Systems use two or three vibratory conveyors working in unison to spread, align, and straighten products.

Depending on product specifications and line length, a system can be a Dual Aligning Shaker System (DAS) or a Triple Aligning Shaker System (TAS). Both systems are made in the USA and built to match the speed and capacity of your existing lines.

Chicken further processors using this patented application of vibratory technology have found they can reassign 70-100 percent of product stylers to other production tasks. This increases the individual workspace for those stylers who remain on the line. With labor in short supply, these systems not only increase production and improve quality but also enhance plant health and safety.

FPS Multi-Shaker Systems feature:

  • Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel angle and solid round-bar construction that eliminates hollow areas and bacterial penetration points.
  • Tilt-up and removable pans that make scrub-down and high-pressure sanitation easy.
  • Interchangeable pans to speed up product change over.
  • UL Listed electrical controls.
  • IP66 wash-down motors.
  • Heavy-duty glass-ply arms and solid-cast arm mounts.
  • Sanitary, ready-to-eat, USDA and FDA compliant designs.

William Wilbanks, Complex CI Manager, Koch Foods
“During the last three months we installed the product separators on three lines, reducing our labor from 10 to two personnel, decreasing defects from 10% to 4% or less, and improving our A-grade by 4%. Sanitation has been improved with the clean-in-place design where plates do not have to be removed, instead they lock up in position for cleaning and inspection. Further, maintenance and repair will be easier due to the motors being located on the outside of the unit. FPS Inc. also has highly skilled technicians for installation and training; their technical support has exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your support and services.”

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