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Multi-Shaker Systems

FPS’s Multi-Shaker Systems reduce line personnel 60%

If your company is looking to maximize distance between team members and free up employees to address other processing needs, FPS’s multi-shaker systems accomplish both goals. Chicken further processors using this unique application of vibratory technology have been able to re-assign 60% of product stylers to other production tasks.

How does the multi-shaker system work?

The arm angle of a vibratory conveyor determines the product’s speed. The shallower the angle, the lower and further the product flies with each vibration. FPS uses this principle to create patent-pending multi-shaker systems to spread, align and straighten products with minimal human involvement.

The first shaker, with the greatest arm angle—say, 45 degrees—bounces product, breaking apart clumps and jostling individual pieces into lanes. The second shaker with an arm angle of, perhaps, 33 degrees, moves the product faster, tugging it off the first conveyor into double the number of lanes. Not only is the product spreading, but the transition to the faster shaker pulls the product straighter and increases the space between individual pieces. The third fastest-moving shaker, if needed, extends the spreading, straightening, and distancing process.

With solid stainless-steel product surfaces, FPS’s Multi-Shaker Aligning Systems are unbreakable, easy to clean conveyors that successfully spread and align a variety of products including sausages, cheese sticks, chicken, pork and beef tenderloins, fish sticks and fillets.

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