Standard Vibratory Conveyors

These units are the perfect solution for moving, spreading, and aligning food products.

Food Process Systems’ standard vibratory conveyors move product along an easy-to-clean, solid stainless steel surface that won’t snag, break, or harbor bacteria like belted conveyors.

FPS offers two standard models, both made in the USA:

Standard Spreading Aligning Shaker

Food Process Systems’ workhorse SAS Vibratory Conveyor specializes in bringing order out of chaos. Product drops onto the unit's spreading cone where high-frequency vibration breaks up clumps and propels product onto a fan-shaped pan that spreads it to full line width. A final aligning pan jostles individual product pieces into lanes for further styling or processing.

The unit's customizable pans tip up for easy cleaning and are removable and interchangeable to accommodate various products. Shaker lengths up to 7 feet are available.


FPS offers a variety of standard and custom-designed interchangeable pans for quick product change-over and optimal product movement.

Value Vibratory Transport Conveyor

It has one job, and it does it well: reliably move product down the line.

Replace breakable belted conveyors with this sturdy, economical vibratory transport conveyor featuring a simple, flat, stainless steel conveying surface.

Standard width is 40 inches, and length, up to 10 feet, is determined by the customer’s line. This unit does not use removable pans.

  • Ideal as a scale feed conveyor.
  • No vibration when mounted to floor or platform.
  • Can be hung from ceiling to free up floor space.

FPS vibratory conveyors feature:

  • Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel angle and solid round-bar construction that eliminates hollow areas and bacterial penetration points.
  • UL Listed electrical controls.
  • IP66 wash-down motors.
  • Heavy-duty glass-ply arms and solid-cast arm mounts.
  • Sanitary, ready-to-eat, USDA and FDA compliant designs.
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