Vibratory Batter Applicator

Food Process Systems’ patented Vibratory Batter Applicator provides excellent whole-muscle and formed product coverage without the repair hassles and foreign-object contamination issues so common with wire belts.

Our safe, multi-tasking design uses gentle vibratory action to break up product marriages while conveying product through a batter waterfall and spreading the product to achieve better pickup down the line.

The FPS Vibratory Batter Applicator is made in the USA and features:

  • Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel angle and solid round-bar construction to eliminate hollow areas and bacterial penetration points.
  • Sanitary, solid stainless steel conveying surfaces.
  • Wash-down motors and removable transport pans for easy cleaning.
  • Variable discharge length determined by your line.

Custom options include:

  • Customer’s choice of pump
  • Insulated jacket