Vibratory Drum Breader (VDB, aka THS)

Food Process Systems’ Vibratory Drum Breader, formerly known as the Totally Homestyle Breader or THS, revolutionized the food coating industry and is still a mainstay in food processing plants around the world because it offers:

  • Unmatched homestyle product finish.
  • Gentle-on-breading recycling.
  • Reliable service with no wire belts.
  • Easy-to-clean, solid stainless steel surfaces.

Because this breading machine was sold for years through another company, many people don’t know that Food Process Systems invented, patented, and has always exclusively manufactured this legendary breading applicator. FPS continues to sell new units, rebuild legacy units, and provide OEM parts.

Contact us to discuss how the legendary VDB or one of FPS’s other breaders can satisfy your production needs.